Elevate USA Annual Report 2022

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a message from our ceo

Dear Valued Supporters,

It is with great pride that I share with you the impressive progress Elevate USA and our network has made over the past year. This year brought thriving in a multitude of ways – from students, cities and staff, to resources, champions and community collaborators. We are seeing our reach increase not only in width (welcome, Elevate Navajo and Elevate Orange County!), but also in depth as we prioritize deep relationships with kids as the true conduit for change.

2022 was a year of building momentum toward our ambitious goal of 29 cities by 2025. I’m thrilled to report that The Elevate network is as strong as ever. Last year alone, more than $20 million in funds were raised across our entire network!

This represents our strength in numbers as we garner more and more support by the day. It has allowed us to expand our programming and provide crucial and personalized support to our affiliates.

On behalf of everyone at the organization — our staff members, Board of Directors and Executive Directors — thank you for your support and your commitment to building the next generation of thriving leaders. Though there are many hurdles ahead of us on our journey towards providing every kid in America with a caring mentor, I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished thus far. Together we are building a more complete picture of THRIVING.

This is our moment to show up.
Thank you for supporting this mission.

Kevin Byerley, CEO of Elevate USA

Elevate Navajo Elevate Orange County

Elevate USA 2 new affiliates, Elevate Navajo and Elevate Orange County

Elevate USA 4 new team members hired
Elevate USA 2022 Financials - Expenses
Elevate USA 2022 Financials - Revenue
Elevate USA 2022 Affiliates 9000 Students, 108 Teacher / Mentors, 840 Accredited Lessons
Elevate USA 2022 Affiliates, 80 Elementary, Middle, and High School. 300 hours of professional development for Elevate Staff.
Elevate Navajo
Elevate USA 2022 Students Thriving
Elevate USA 2022 Students 500+ High School Graduates, 89% of Elevate Students are on track to graduate
Elevate USA 2022 Curriculum, accredited elective classes
Elevate USA 2022 Curriculum 13 Character & Life Skills
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